Innovative Practice Management Solutions


Information is most-powerful when it is utilized well. How your information is organized, processed and (made-to-be) readily available to you and your team, - defines your ability to provide superior service. In today's information-age, it is especially critical because information, organized in the right-way .... can plant 'seeds' for quality ideas. In the first wave of the computer-age in dentistry, it was enough to track appointments, treatment, recalls and get the accounting and billing under control. With today's available technology -- all aspects of practice-critical information can all be brought together into a meaningful, intuitive and cohesive desktop.


It all begins here. Scheduling should be a flexible gateway to all your patient-critical information. You should be able to design your own schedule, working with multiple fully-functional schedules -- at the same time! See appointments for a full day, a week-at-a-glance or monthly. Use our 'SmartSched' features for optimal scheduling efficiency.

Financial Management

Innovative practice accounting with line-item features that make old-school accounting new-breed easy.

Treatment Planning

Provide power-structure, efficiency and improved effectiveness to charting activities while enhancing in-office communication. The result is consistent charting, accurate and instant billing and ideal user and patient workflow.


Experience Drives Innovation.

Keep up-to-date with how an innovative attitude and today's technology .... can work for you !!