Tracker Patient eForms

The Old Clipboard Is Less Than Optimal !

An Innovative Way To Impress!

Tracker OnLine forms allow patients to submit their information to you from the privacy and comfort of their own home, or in-office on PC's or Tablets. Health and Medical histories, consent forms, HIPAA forms, etc. all get stored in the patient record without filing or scanning(no clipboard)!

Convenient for Everyone

This allows your patients to spend less time in your waiting room and allows your staff to review the information for alerts and accuracy prior to the actual appointment. Because we realize that each office is different, eForms allows you to customize your forms to your individual needs.

Timing is Everything

Imagine 'no more waiting' while a patient is filling out their required, paper-forms. So old-school! With eForms, you can forward a 'link' to the patient that will alert them of the required forms for them to complete -- prior to their visit. Many patients find it very convenient --and easy-- to fill their forms out from the comfort of their own home.

In-Office Works Too ...

Some patients won't remember to fill out the form you 'sent' them electronically. Fear not, you won't need to revert back to that old clipboard yet. With the implementation of inexpensive (Android or Windows) tablets -- they can easily fill out their required forms without the use of pencil or pen.

The Really Good News Is ..

All of the Tracker eForms, whether completed at home or within the office -- are automatically transferred to their electronic record. No scanning, no filing, no lost paperwork. Medical and dental history are automatically attached to the patient’s chart and easily retrieved within their e-chart. All of this is managed by a secure server using military grade 256bit SSL AES Encryption.

Compare ..

Custom and third-party solutions can be complicated and expensive and on top of that, they require a great deal of maintenance. Whenever your software is upgraded, the database is often updated as well. In these cases, the custom and third-party solutions will often break down. These fixes don’t come free. With Tracker eForms --, this is never an issue.

TThen There's The Real World ..

Let’s face it, there are going to be certain patients you will still have to handle the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper. Many other solutions handle this awkwardly, forcing you to have separate procedures. Because Tracker eForms is build natively into Tracker, you don’t need to change anything. Documents that are scanned in are available in the same place as 'online' or tablet-created documents. You can find this information in the same place every time. Awesome!